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Mauri 7/18/11

C-ATCH CTC Maureen OHaras Highland Fling CD BN RE NAJ NF CGCA - "Mauri"
aka ATCH CTC MaureenOharasHighlandFling CD GV-E JV-E-SP RV-E-OP REX REM

Owned and Loved by Melinda Jenkins

Dam:  CTC Amy What You Wanna Do DNA VP
Sire:  HOF MACH ATCH NATCH CH Show Me Howe to Highland Fling, AKC/ASCA RA, MXP, MJP2, MXB, MJS, JV-E-SP, S-EJC, O-TN-E, WV-E, TG-E, HP-N, HIC, NADAC Elite Versatility Award, DNA-CP
Red Merle Female - Spayed
November 20, 2008 - July 19, 2018

Mauri ATCH!2/17/18 Hearty Congratulations to Melinda and Mauri for earning Mauri's ATCH in ASCA Agility!

5/23/17 Mauri and Melinda had an exciting trip to CPE Nationals and finished her C-ATCH!

4/1/17 Mauri earned her Rally Excellent Masters (REM) title today!

11/14/16 Mauri earned 3 REM legs and a couple of X qualifying scores in ASCA Rally this past weekend!
2016 ASCA Nationals results for Mauri:
Three Elite Agility Q's (2 Regular, 1 Jumpers), and Team Rally scoring 597 of a possible 600 points!
11/27/15 Mauri and Melinda nailed their Open Chances run today for a Q in NADAC finishing Mauri's Open Chances title!
Agility - Awards Processed Through 05-NOV-2015
Number Qualifying Scores 1; Number Different Judges 1
Number Qualifying Scores 3; Number Different Judges 3
Number Qualifying Scores 3; Number Different Judges 3
Number Qualifying Scores 1; Number Different Judges 1
Number Qualifying Scores 1; Number Different Judges 1
Obedience - Awards Processed Through 04-NOV-2015 CD
Number Qualifying Scores 3; Number Different Judges 3
Number Qualifying Scores 3; Number Different Judges 3
Rally - Awards Processed Through 04-NOV-2015
Number Qualifying Scores 3; Number Different Judges 3
Number Qualifying Scores 6; Number Different Judges 6
Number Qualifying Scores 6; Number Different Judges 6
Number Qualifying Scores 3

10/11/15 Mauri earned her Master's Rally title today and got High in Trial and High Scoring Aussie this afternoon at the CASC shows!
10/5/15 update from Melinda: Mauri and I worked well together and had a very successful trial.  She earned 3 new titles and earned them nicely at the Mud Pack CPE trial.
Mauri's current CPE accomplishments are as follows:
Standard Level 3; CTL3-R
Colors Level 4; Wildcard Level 4 - CTL4-H
Snooker Level 2; Jackpot Level 4 - CTL2-S
Full House Level 4; Jumpers Level 4 - CTL4-F

9/20/15 Mauri an Melinda got two Rally Masters legs at the Kalama ASCA shows on Saturday and 4 out of 5 qualifying scores in agility on Sunday with all blue ribbons!
7/25/15 Melinda and Mauri earned two Excellent Rally Q's and a new ASCA RE title at the CASC Kalama shows!
7/4/15 Mauri got her ASCA CD today at the Australian Shepherd Club of Washington Summer Spectacular show!
Mauri June 20156/9/15 Update from Melinda: Last weekend at the ASCA trial, Mauri got another leg toward her ASCA CD. Hopefully at the Summer Spectacular we will also be working toward our Excellent Rally title.
5/12/15: Update from Melinda: Last weekend's RAT CPE trial was a wonderful one for Mauri and I, she qualified in 9 of her 10 runs (snagging 3 of our all elusive standard runs). She did them well and in her amazing and exuberant style, did not miss a single contact. Her placements were 1st's and 2nd's with one 3rd. I am so proud of the journey Mauri and I have been on and so glad that I have never given up on us. She is a wonderful, sensitive bolt of lightning, what fun to try to catch and harness that energy!
4/19/15:  Another great agility trial for Mauri and Melinda, including a 100% Q day, all first place, Standard Q, and another earned title!
3/16/15:  Mauri and Melinda had another great weekend in agility with two wonderful qualifying scores that resulted in her Elite Regular and Elite Gamblers titles!
3/8/15:  At the CASC ASCA Rally trial in Chehalis, Mauri finished her Advanced Rally Title with a 195 and this afternoon got her first Excellent leg with a perfect 200!
5/11/14:   Mauri got her first Standard Q in CPE, a total of 6 Q's for the weekend!!
Mauri May 2013 8/4/13:   Mauri got her Open Gamblers title this weekend and added two open jumpers and open regular Q's at the BLAST trial!
7/28/13:  At the ASCA trial in Yamhill Mauri got four Open Jumpers Q's and three Open Regular 10 point Q's.  She now has her Open Jumpers and Open Regular titles and is getting ready for Elite.
6/24/13:  Mauri and Melinda had another great weekend at agility at the RAT trial:
Melinda writes, "So many wonderful runs, good judges, good people to be with and always the Fido Follies provide us with humor and the ability to laugh at ourselves.  Mauri and I continue our journey, she had a higher Q rate at this trial than she has ever had and nabbed her first 2 Chances Q's ever, 3 Open Regular Q's (5 pointer, not 10 pointer, meaning that she dropped a bar somewhere on the course), a wonderful Tunneler run on Sunday to wrap up her weekend."
Update from Melinda 6/10/13:  At the NADAC trial this past weekend Mauri earned her Novice Weavers title and her Open Tunnelers title, also an Open Regular leg.
Mauri May 2013 Mauri May 2013
Update from Melinda 5/31/13:   Just got home from the first day of Obedience-Rally-Agility trial in Sequim, my girl was on fire today.  We got leg number 2 on her RAE with very respectable scores and she finished her Novice Obedience for her title and her CD.  Tomorrow returning for agility!
Update 5/24/13:   Mauri and Melinda had a blast at the BLAST ASCA agility trial this past weekend, finishing Mauri's Open Jumpers title and getting to within 1/2 Q from her Open Standard title.  Mauri also recently acquired her AKC NAJ title!  She and Melinda have been busy doing great things together!

Update 5/2/13:  Last Saturday Mauri earned her Novice JWW title at the Poodle Club AKC show.
Update 4/12/13:  Last week at the trial in Yamhill, Mauri got 2 Regular Open Q's and one Jumper Open Q.
3/31/13: Mauri got two regular Q's and a Weaver's Q at the ZAP trial today.  And Mauri got her Novice Regular title this weekend!
3/24/13: Miss Mauri got her first leg towards her RAE title at Bremerton AKC today.  She did quite well with a 95 and a blue in her Excellent run!
3/2/13: News from Melinda:  We are so tired and so proud tonight.  Miss Mauri got two scores of 199 out of a possible 200 today at the CASA Rally Trial.  She got her title in ASCA Rally Novice too.  Yea what a day!!
2/16/13: Mauri and Melinda 2 out of 3 Q's at the Afghan Hound Agility Trial today!
Mauri Nationals

Melinda and Mauri did a nice job at 2012 Nationals with a 5th in Pretrial Gamblers, a 1st in Altered Red Merle Bitch, and a 3rd in Team Rally!  Thanks so much for the great picture, Melinda!

Pup 4 - RMF 2/22/09

This girl is sweet and very happy, my pick puppy.  She went home with Melinda to start training for obedience and agility!

11/12/12:  Happy to hear from Melinda that she and Mauri had a nice experience at ASCA Nationals.  Mauri came in 5th in her pre trial Gamblers run, 1st in her class in pre trial conformation and her Rally team took third.
10/30/12:   Congratulations to Melinda Jenkins and Mauri!  I just followed the link to current ASCA Merit Standings and there she is!  Gamblers Novice and Jumpers Novice!
Gamblers Novice
Jumpers Novice
10/8/12:  Mauri's tally from the RAT ASCA trial this past weekend: 2 gambler and 2 jumper Q's!
10/6/12:  Melinda Jenkins and Mauri had a beautiful Novice Jumpers run and Q today!
10/5/12:  Brag for Melinda Jenkins!  Mauri got a Q in Novice Gamblers today!!
Mauri 7/18/118/5/12:  Mauri earned her ASCA Gamblers Novice title and her Novice Regular title with 6 Q's, all Blue, this past weekend at the ASCA agility trial in Port Orchard!
7/1/12:  Mauri got her first leg in ASCA Novice Rally and ASCA Novice Obedience today at the ASC of Wa Graham Summer Spectacular!
6/2/12:  Mauri competed in AKC agility for the first time today and got a Q in her Standard run!
6/1/12:  Mauri has another title!  Rally Excellent !   Plus another Q in Novice Obedience for a second leg toward CD!
5/19/12:  Mauri and Melinda had an awesome day some really nice runs and a first Q in Novice Regular!
4/2/12:  Mauri had a Qualifying Tunnelers Run over the weekend at the ZAP trial!
Mauri 7/18/113/25/12:   Mauri got another leg on her Excellent Rally title and her first Q in Novice Obedience (her CD)
3/24/12:  Mauri got her first Rally Excellent leg and finished her title in Beginner's Novice at the Bremerton AKC show!
2/12/12:  Mauri earned her first NADAC Q with a blue ribbon in the NADAC Jumpers at the RAT Sweetheart trial in Elma with a time of 21.67!  Way to go, Melinda and Mauri!
1/5/12:  Mauri is on the Top 10 ASCA Agility Merit list!  #7 Jumpers Novice
10/9/11:  Update from Melinda:  We have just returned from the RAT ASCA trial this weekend.  It is such a wonderful journey learning to partner with Mauri.  She is an awesome little girl and we had a wonderful weekend.  Some crazy over the top moments and a lot of really nice focus on me and the directions I was giving her.  We are definitely on a journey together and it is quite a ride.  She did get three jumper's qualifying scores and 1 gamblers qualifying score. I was very pleased.  She also got her ASCA Novice Jumber's title!
7/19/11:  Update from Melinda:  Miss Mauri got her first Qualifying score in a Jumpers run at the ASCA trial yesterday.  She was so awesome.
Mauri 7/18/11
Mauri 7/18/11
Mauri 7/18/11

Photo Credit Heidi Erland - Alpensky Photography
* * *

6/11/11:  Mauri got her Advanced Rally Title and the 2nd leg on her Beginners Novice Obedience Title at Puyallup AKC!
4/3/11  Melinda and Mauri, jumpers runs ZAP NADAC trial: See Mauri's Novice Jumpers runs

Mauri Rally Obedience Puyallup AKC Mauri RN Bremerton AKC 6/11/10:   Mauri got 94 and her first leg in Advance Rally (off leash)!
3/27/10 - 3/28/10:  Bremerton AKC - "Mauri" did a wonderful job both days in Rally novice and earned her Rally Novice title 3/28 with a wonderful score of 98.  She is such a good girl!   Congratulations to Mauri and Melinda!

10/11/09:   Little update, Mauri passed her Canine Good Citizen test yesterday.  She did so well under difficult circumstances.  I was really proud of her.  Last week we actually sequenced two obstacles.  She is going to be so fast that I have to really work distance with her right from the beginning.   Mauri's greatest love in life is to just run!  She is so beautiful to watch and so much fun as she runs for the pure joy of running.  She does not need a companion, she just loves to run.

6/22/09:   At the agility trial this weekend Diana and I were able to get Merlin, Mystic and Mauri together for some family photos. . . They had a great time playing together.  Mystic is about 15 lbs heavier than Mauri but she really holds her own with all of the bigger dogs and still remains so sweet.  I continue to feel so blessed to have her.  She is a constant source of delight. . . We are working on very beginning, foundation Agility, some obedience and I have been taking a handling class.  I may try to show her in ASCA Altered just for the fun and experience of doing it.
Mauri with Merlin Mauri with Merlin & Mystic

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Pedigree for Mauri

MACH NATCH CH Show Me Howe to Highland Fling, RA, OAP, OJP, RS-E, JS-E-OP, GS-E, S-EJC, O-TN-E, WV-E, TG-E, HP-N, HIC, NADAC Elite Versatility Award, DNA-CP
OFA Hips Good, Elbows Normal
CERF AS 5837
CLEAR of the hereditary cataract mutation

ASCA/AKC Ch Beauwood Sierra-Echo Yogiber, AX, AXJ, STDscd, RJ-E, JJ-E, GS-O, EAC-JH, EJC-JH, OGC, JHDs, CGC, DNA-CP

SVCH WTCH Ch Beauwood's Rustlin' in the Sun, UDT, RD, RV-N, DNA CP

Ch Windermere's Ch Sunspot of Windermere

Ch Pepper's Special K

Sierra-Echo Firedancer, NA, NAJ, HIC

Ch Sierra-Echo's Firewalker, TDIA, HIC, CGC

Spring Fever's Cocksure Ideal

Hearthside Too Hot To Dance

Ch Terra-Blue Just Too Hot

Ch Agua Dulce Final Option

Hearthside Just My Style

Agua Dulce Windsurfin' Sally

Ch Levi Dockers of Heatherhill

Ch Agua Dulce Sidecar Sally

CTC Amy What You Wanna Do DNA VP
OFA Good

CH Liam Neeson of CTC DNA VP
OFA Good
Pelger-Huet Negative
MDR1 Normal/Normal
CLEAR of the hereditary cataract mutation

CH Lil'Creek Sum Got Et All
E70117 OFA Good

AKC CH Shercrest Sir James
OFA Good

AKC ASCA CH Lil'Creeks Picture Perfect
OFA Good

ASCA HOF CH Bainbridge Angel Fire

AKC ASCA HOF CH Caledonia's Crowd Pleaser
OFA Good

CH Megan McMatt of Bainbridge STDdsc
OFA Good

CTC Sweet Savanna Sands DNA CP
OFA Good
MDR1 Normal/Normal
CLEAR of the hereditary cataract mutation

AKC ASCA CH De Abajo Double Latte' Donegal
OFA Good

CH Golden Gait's Southern Drawl
OFA Good

De Abajo's A Single Red Rose
OFA Good

Topgun Susanna Sands
OFA Good

CH Topgun HunkAHunk Burnen Love
OFA Excellent

Hisaw's Kissing at Midnight CD
OFA Good

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