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Cooper Scentwork

Cooper - CTC Little Deuce Coupe CGC SIN, SCN, SBN, SEN, SWN!

Ripley x Bluebird)

5/14/19 - Joan and Cooper have been busy and accumulated four more scentwork titles: SIN, SCN, SBN, and SEN!

4/21/19 - Joan and Cooper had a very successful AKC Scent Work trial in Atascadero this weekend. He finished his SWN, Scent Work Novice title, and qualified in 6 of 8 runs over the two days. The sprinkles on the ice cream were a 1st and 4th in Advanced Interior & a 3rd in Novice Buried. What a good boy!

Cooper Scentwork3/24/19 Update from Joan: We had a great time at the Scent Work Club of the San Gabriel Foothills trial this weekend. Cooper earned Q's in Novice Buried, Novice Container, Novice Exterior and placed (2nd & 3rd) and finished Novice Interior!
Cooper CGC
12/7/17 Great job, Joan! Cooper passed his CGC test at 10 months old!

Wicca had a great agility weekend CTC Isle Be Makin’ Magic,Wicca had a great agility weekend
NADAC: EAC, OJC, O-TN-E, O-TG-E, WV-N, NCC, NADAC Novice Versatility,
ASCA: ATCH II, GS-E-OP, GV-E-SP, JV-E-SP, RV-E-OP, DNA-VP, ASCA Agility Merit list (Top 10) 2012
- “Wicca”

Black Tri Female | Born: 8/17/09 | Eyes Cleared Annually | Full dentition, scissors bite | OFA Good | Elbows OFA Normal | MDR1 - N/N (by parentage) | HSF4 - N/N (by parentage)

Wicca ATCH II3/16/19: ASCA ATCH II Wicca!!

January 2018: AKC titles, TKN, TKI, TKA, and Achiever Dog
Updated titles are:
CTC Isle be Makin' Magic, ASCA: ATCH RV-E, GS-E-OP, JV-E-OP, DNA-VP, Agility Merit List (Top 10) 2012, AKC: OAP, OJP, NFP, TKN, TKI, TKA, Achiever Dog certificate, NADAC: EAC, OJC, O-TN-E, O-TG-E, WV-N, NCC, NADAC Novice Versatility

Wicca had a great agility weekend5/7/18 Sue and Wicca had a great weekend at Deer Park and finished Wicca's ATCH title! And finished GV-E-SP, and RV-E-OP, too!

8/27/17 AKC - Wicca nailed down three more titles in AKC! OAP, OJP, and NFP!
4/16/17 ASCA - On Friday and today Sue and Wicca got 2 Elite Reg Q's, 3 Elite Jumpers Q's and finished her GS-E-OP :(that finishes her ATCH requirement for Gamblers).
10/2/16 NADAC - Wicca finished her Open Jumpers, Open Touch N Go, and got an Elite Tunnlers Q.
2016 Nationals Results for Wicca:   Elite Jumpers Q!
6/1/15: Wicca finished her Novice Chance title this weekend, and her NADAC Novice Versatility
3/17/15: Wicca Q'd in NADAC Novice Hoopers, Elite Regular, and Touch n Go this past weekend!
2/23/15 Deer Park Nadac trial.  Wicca ran pretty fast and happy this weekend :  She Q'd in: Novice weavers twice, both first places to finish her Novice weavers title, Open regular, second place, Open Jumpers, second place, Open Touch n Go, first place and Elite Regular today, first place.  It was her first Nadac trial in at least a year.
5/4/14 At ASCA Agility this weekend, and Wicca added an Open Regular title to her name

3/17/14 Wicca's long awaited return from maternity leave is here and she's still got it.  She finished two titles this weekend, Elite Tunnelers and Open Touch N Go!
Agility Merit (Top 10) in Novice Gamblers, Jumpers and Regular! ( #3 in Gamblers #10 in Jumpers, #6 in Regular) What a great first year of trialing it's been, I'm so, so proud of her!

Wicca had another great agility weekend Wicca had another great agility weekend Wicca had another great agility weekend Wicca had another great agility weekend Wicca Wicca

CTC Isle Be Makin' Magic

CTC Highland Mystic of Glen Ey CD AX, AXJ, NAC, OJC, WV-E, TN-N, ASCA BN CD GS-O JV-E-OP RS-E REM DNA-VP - "Mystic"

Mystic at the starting line

Black Tri Male - Mystic is with Diana and doing great!

Mystic - May 2019 AKC Rally Novice

3/24/19 Mystic completed his AKC Rally Novice title in style with three scores of 99 this weekend, including a first place (and the highest score in the whole Rally trial!)

4/1/18 Mystic now has his JV-E-OP! Outstanding!
4/2/17 Mystic finished his REM this weekend!
11/13/16 Mystic qualified in both his Masters and Excellent runs again today for REM Leg #2!
11/12/16 Mystic had qualifying scores in Rally, both Masters and Excellent, this morning. He now has his first REM leg!

Mystic - September 20169/16/16 Mystic did a nice job at ASCA Nationals this year. He participated in MVA, competing in Agility, herding Sheep, Rally, and Novice Obedience. He Qualified in both Rally and Obedience, earning a new CD title. He and Diana completed his CD in three straight shows.
Mystic - September 2016

Mystic - June 20135/1/16 Mystic qualified in his Masters Standard AKC Agility run today!
9/20/15 Mystic got RE Leg #2, with a first place at the Kalama ASCA show on Saturday and qualified in both shows Sunday in Beginning Novice, so now has his BN title!!

Mystic -  June 2013 3/6/16 Mystic completed two titles this weekend, Rally Excellent and Rally Masters!

9/20/15 Mystic got RE Leg #2, with a first place at the Kalama ASCA show on Saturday and qualified in both shows Sunday in Beginning Novice, so now has his BN title!!

Mystic -  June 20137/4/15 At the Australian Shepherd Club of Washington Summer Spectacular show today Mystic got to play in obedience.  Competing in Beginning Novice for the first time at the AM show he scored 190+ for second place.  He even won a run off!  At the PM show, he had a score of 193 and first place!  Now he just needs one more leg for his BN title!

Mystic - Master's Jumpers April 2013Update from Diana 3/7/15: Mystic had the most amazing day today at the Cascade ASC Rally trial! He had a 194 in Advanced this morning to finish his RA title with a first place. I decided to move him up to Excellent for this afternoon. And he Qd for his first RE leg with a 193 and another first place! He really did a wonderful job today, and I'm so very proud of him.

Mystic - Best of Breed Puppy am show, Best Opposite Sex Puppy pm show
3/22/09 - Way to go, Diana and Mystic!  Two nice wins in one day -
Best of Breed Puppy in the morning show and
Best Opposite Sex Puppy in the afternoon show!

NatCH IntCH CTC Silver Sapphire Lace CGC OAC OJC TG-O RS-N JS-O GS-N DNA VP "Daisy"

NADAC 10/20/18 ASCA Agility: Daisy Q5 in Elite Regular - another Elite Q!
2/17/18 ASCA Agility: Daisy Q5 in Elite Regular - her first Elite Q!

10/21/17 ASCA Agility: Daisy Q10 x 2 = Open Jumpers Title!
8/18/17 ASCA Agility: Daisy Q10 Open Jumpers, Q10 Open Regular for new Open Regular Title!
8/12/17 NADAC Agility: Daisy finshed her OJC title today!
4/22/17 NADAC Agility: Daisy finished her TG-O title!

3/17/17 & 3/18/17 ASCA Agility:  Another good weekend for Daisy in Agility!  Two Open Regular Q's, including one first place out of five, and one Novice Gambler Q!  Well done, Daisy!
2/4/17 NADAC Agility:  After taking five months off for maternity leave, Daisy did six runs with five Q's, and finished her Open Regular title!
8/13/16 NADAC Agility:  Daisy's first Open Jumpers QQ!  Beautifully done, Daisy!
5/14/16 NADAC Agility:  Two more Q;s for Daisy today Open Regular Q5, Novice Touch N Go Q10 to finish her TG-N title!
4/23/16 NADAC Agility:  Two Q's for Daisy today: Open Regular Q10, Novice Touch N Go Q10!

4/16/16 ASCA Agility:  Another Q for Daisy, her first run in ASCA Open Regular!
4/2/16 NADAC agility:  Daisy Novice Jumpers Q to finish her NJC title, plus two Open Regular Q's!
ASCA 3/21/16 Weekend tally for Daisy at her second ASCA agility trial:
SEVEN Q10's, six first place, one second place!  Included in the seven were 4 Novice Regular Q's for RS-N title, plus 2 Novice Jumpers Q's for JS-N title!
She also got her first Novice Gambler Q!
1/23/16 Daisy's second NADAC Agility trial was great fun - 4 new Q's, including one new title NAC!
11/27/15 Daisy had her first NADAC Agility trial today and did a wonderful job.  She also brought home two Q's, Novice Jumpers and Novice Regular!NADAC
11/2/15 Daisy made her ASCA Agility debut this past weekend and even managed a Novice Jumpers Q at the RAT ASCA Trial in Mt Vernon, WA!  I'm so pleased with her first time out in agility that I'm sure there are some around here who wish I were speechless!
3/31/15 Daisy successfully completed her CGC test and now has her CGC title!
CTC Silver Sapphire Lace - Photo courtesy NW Photo John
3/16/14 Daisy finished her IABCA National and International Champion titles under judges
Richard Camacho, Walter Pinsker, Robin Hug, Steve Keating, David Krogh, Gloria Kerr.
She also had a BOB win under judge Robin Hug!
Daisy Best Opposite Sex Puppy 12/18/11 - Photo courtesy Lori Charron
12/18/11:  Our baby's first show and first time in the ring,
Best Opposite Sex Puppy, AKC Judge Warren Hudson
Our thanks to Lori Charron for the lovely photos!

Daisy Offspring: Lillian  Daisy Siblings: Ezelle | Gracie | Seneca

Lillian NatJR IntJR BOB Group 2

NatJR IntJR CTC Seventh Sojourn DNA VP - "Lillian"

10/20/18 Q10 Novice Jumpers! Yay, Lillian!
10/16/16 Lillian made her UKC debut this weekend with four 1st place/best female class wins, plus Winners/BOB and GROUP 1!

8/3/15 Lillian did an admirable job of handling her first trip to shows, hotel and all, and at 6 months of age achieved her International All Breed Canine Association National Junior Puppy Champion title and International Junior Puppy Champion title with SG-1 ratings and very encouraging critiques under judges Juliann Bitter, Jean Pero, Pat Putman and Madelyn Goss at the 2015 Spokane Valley Sieger shows this weekend at Post Falls, ID.  She also had three Best of Breed Puppy wins and a Puppy Herding Group 2 placement out of a large group of herding breed puppies!  She could have gone into the Puppy Herding Group three times, but she and I just went in one time so I wouldn't be expecting too much of her on her first show weekend.
Lillian Dam: Daisy
Ripley IntCH

UKC CH IntCH CTC Believe It Or Not CGC DNA VP - "Ripley"

Ripley AKC6/3/18 Ripley earned his first AKC conformation points with a BOW in a nice entry of 3 dogs, 6 bitches yesterday, and a RWD today at the YVKC shows!

8/12/17 Ripley passed his CGC test today with our thanks to Lisa McCann for getting him ready and taking him through the test.

10/16/16 Ripley earned his UKC CH title this weekend with four 1st place/best male class wins and three Winners/BOB!

8/3/15 Ripley is celebrating his first birthday enjoying the honor of having achieved his International All Breed Canine Association International Champion title with V-1 ratings and complimentary critiques under judges Juliann Bitter, Jean Pero and Pat Putman at the 2015 Spokane Valley Sieger shows this weekend at Post Falls, ID.  He also had added icing on the cake with a Best of Breed Bred by Exhibitor win!  I dropped the ball and missed the call for the Bred By Exhibitor Herding Group, so only time will tell whether there will be Group placements in his future.

Ripley Dam: Serena

Ruby at Port Gamble 2015

ATCH CTC Red Solo Cup GS-E JS-E RS-E RNX RAX - "Ruby"
(ASCA HOF CH Malpaso In The Nick of Time RTDs ATDds OTDc DNA-VP x IntCH CTC Serene Elation CGC DNA-VP)

3/19/18 - Connie and Ruby completed their ATCH this past weekend!

6/6/17 Ruby completed her ASCA Rally Advanced Title on Saturday!

4/3/17 Ruby completed her ASCA Rally Novice Title and earned her 1st leg toward her Advanced title with a perfect score of 200 this past weekend!

11/14/16 Aussie Times title reports shows that Connie and Ruby have been busy this year!  Ruby has moved up in Agility from Open to Elite in Regular, Gamblers and Jumpers - three new titles: GS-E, JS-E, RS-E!
2016 ASCA Nationals results for Ruby:
Elite Regular Agility Q with nice placements!
11/2/15 update from Connie:  We had a great weekend and got our Open Regular Title. [RAT ASCA Agility Trial, Mt Vernon, WA]
10/5/15 update from Connie:   I had a great weekend in Deer Park at an ASCA Agility Trial over the weekend.  Ruby nailed all of her contacts and we got all of our Novice Q's so she gets to move up to Open!  She also completed her Open Gambler's Title.

[Photos taken at Port Gamble by Heidi Erland]
Ruby at Port Gamble 2015 Ruby at Port Gamble 2015 Ruby at Port Gamble 2015

Mauri May 2013

C-ATCH CTC Maureen OHaras Highland Fling CD BN RE NAJ NF CGCA - "Mauri"
aka ATCH CTC MaureenOharasHighlandFling CD GV-E JV-E-SP RV-E-OP REX REM RMX

Mauri ATCH!2/17/18 Hearty Congratulations to Melinda and Mauri for earning Mauri's ATCH in ASCA Agility!

5/23/17 Mauri and Melinda had an exciting trip to CPE Nationals and finished her C-ATCH!

4/1/17 Mauri earned her Rally Excellent Masters (REM) title today!

11/14/16 Mauri earned 3 REM legs and a couple of X qualifying scores in ASCA Rally this past weekend!

2016 ASCA Nationals results for Mauri:
Three Elite Agility Q's (2 Regular, 1 Jumpers), and Team Rally scoring 597 of a possible 600 points!
11/27/15 Mauri and Melinda nailed their Open Chances run today for a Q in NADAC finishing Mauri's Open Chances title!
Agility - Awards Processed Through 05-NOV-2015
NA - Number Qualifying Scores 1; Number Different Judges 1
NAJ - Number Qualifying Scores 3; Number Different Judges 3
NF - Number Qualifying Scores 3; Number Different Judges 3
OAJ - Number Qualifying Scores 1; Number Different Judges 1
OF - Number Qualifying Scores 1; Number Different Judges 1
Obedience - Awards Processed Through 04-NOV-2015
CD - Number Qualifying Scores 3; Number Different Judges 3
BN - Number Qualifying Scores 3; Number Different Judges 3
Rally - Awards Processed Through 04-NOV-2015
RN - Number Qualifying Scores 3; Number Different Judges 3
RA - Number Qualifying Scores 6; Number Different Judges 6
RE - Number Qualifying Scores 6; Number Different Judges 6
RAE - Number Qualifying Scores 3
10/11/15 Mauri earned her Master's Rally title today and got High in Trial and High Scoring Aussie this afternoon at the CASC shows!
10/5/15 update from Melinda:  Mauri and I worked well together and had a very successful trial.  She earned 3 new titles and earned them nicely at the Mud Pack CPE trial.
Mauri's current CPE accomplishments are as follows:
Standard Level 3; CTL3-R
Colors Level 4; Wildcard Level 4 - CTL4-H
Snooker Level 2; Jackpot Level 4 - CTL2-S
Full House Level 4; Jumpers Level 4 - CTL4-F

Mauri May 2013 Mauri May 2013
Mauri Nationals
Mauri 7/18/11 Mauri Rally Obedience Puyallup AKC Mauri RN Bremerton AKC

Looking at August 2017 Aussie Times I see some of my puppies are having fun and getting some new titles!

Congratulations to Sue, Melinda, Diana, Connie and Kris!
Here's a list of what I found:
CTC Silver Sapphire Lace GS-N JS-N RS-N DNA-VP new GS-N title
CTC Isle Be Makin' Magic GV-E-OP JV-E-OP RV-E DNV-VP new GV-E-OP title; new RV-E title - and I hear she's also completed her JV-E-OP
CTC Maureen Oharas Highland Fling CD GV-E JV-E-SP RV-E-OP REX REM RMX - new JV-E-SP title; new RV-E-OP title; new REM title; new RMX title
CTC Highland Mystic of Glen Ey BN CD GS-O JS-E RS-E REM DNA-VP, new REM title
CTC Red Solo Cup GS-E JSS-E RS-E RAX, new RN title; new RNX title - and I hear she's also completed her RA and RAX
CTC May Grace Be With You GS-O JS-O RS-O, new GS-O title

Bean at Lynden AKC 2015


Bean at Mt Vernon 10/31/2015
Bean at Mt Vernon 10/31/2015 Bean at Mt Vernon 10/31/2015 Bean at Mt Vernon 10/31/2015

Bean NAP NJP title 11/28/15 Bean NAP NJP6/20/17 Update from Dianne:  We did our 2nd AKC agility trial this year a few weeks ago in Sequim, love outside grass events.  Bean titled in Open STD with a clean run . . .

11/28/15 Congratulations to Dianne Bertram and Bean!  Bean moved up to Open Class in JWW & Std Agility @ the AKC trial today, 2 first place in both.  "Bean" is now CTC Bean NAP NJP!
Bean Standard Agility Novice Q 9/13/14Agility - Awards Processed Through 05-NOV-2015
Number Qualifying Scores 2
Number Different Judges 2
Number Qualifying Scores 2
Number Different Judges 2
7/20/15: Bean and Dianne participated in their 4th Agility Trial this past weekend at Lynden, AKC, achieving excellent results with a Score of 100 and 1st Place in JWW Novice P!

4/20/15: Bean went to his 3rd agility trial Saturday, the Mount Vernon AKC trial put on by BVK.  He came in first Novice JWW!
2/21/15: Bean 1st place Standard Agility Novice jumping 16
9/13/14 Update: "Bean's first agility trial today, an AKC event and would you believe he got two ribbons for Standard Agility, 1st place for the group he was in and a ribbon for qualifying!  We had so much fun."



Melanie 11/20/1611/19/16 ASCA Agility:   New title for Melanie today: Melanie made two nice Regular runs today with plenty of time to spare finishing her Novice Regular title in ASCA!

8/13/16 NADAC Agility:  Melanie's first Open Regular Q!  Beautifully done, Melanie!
4/23/16 NADAC Agility:  Another Novice Regular Q to finish her NAC-V Title!
4/16/16 ASCA Agility:  Another two Q's for Melanie, her first run in ASCA Novice Gamblers, Q10 and her second Q10 in Novice Regular!
4/2/16 NADAC agility: Melanie did great with two Novice Regular Q's at her first NADAC trial, her second ever agility trial - focus locked in today!
3/21/16 Melanie got her feet wet at her first agility trial this past weekend at the RAT ASCA trial in Auburn and even managed her first Novice Regular Q with a first place.
3/31/15 Melanie successfully completed her CGC test and now has her CGC title!  I'm extra pleased with this since Melanie didn't take the CGC preparation class.  Good girl, Melanie!

Melanie Offspring:
Bean | Jessie | McCoy   Melanie Siblings: Mauri | Mystic

McCoy Aug 2014


6/20/12 - 11/16/16
McCoy 2016
6/15/16 Update from Kim:   McCoy has been progressing well in agility.
McCoy's current CPE titles are:
  CL2-R (just one more Q to get his level 3 title!)
  Colors Level 3 and Wildcard Level 2 - CL1-H
  Snooker and Jackpot Level 3 - CL2-S
  Full House and Jumpers Level 3 - CL2-F
He also received the Columbia Agility Team Spring Classic High in Level 3 recognition this last April.
McCoy 2016 McCoy 2016
6/14/15 Update from Kim:  We have done three other trials this spring (so far just CPE trials but we might try an AKC trial later this summer).  He's running at level 2 for Standard.  I think he needs 2 more Qs to move to level 3.  In our last trial he qualified in level 1 jumpers.  He's only done 4 official trials but it's totally clicked for him that trials are super fun.  He is so fast! :)
11/20/14 Update from Kim:  McCoy is doing great!  We went to our first CPE agility trial this August.  He qualified in 3 of his 5 runs (level 1) and got first in one of them!  I was very proud of him.  He did great for his first trial.  We are planning on doing more trials this spring and summer.

Sadly, McCoy's beautiful life was cut short by lymphoma

CGC 4/26/16 Bluebird IntCH 3/14/15

IntCH CTC Time to Ramble On CGC DNA VP - "Bluebird"

4/26/16 Bluebird passed her CGC test today!

3/15/15 Bluebird finished her IABCA International Champion title at 21 months
V-1 Ratings from Judges: Dana Plonkey, Kristina Sherling, Juliann Bitter and Dr. Vandra L. Huber

Bluebird Dam: Serena

Serena in the ring 6/11/11 - Photo courtesy Lisa McCann

IntCH CTC Serene Elation CGC DNA VP - "Serena"

3/12/16 Serena passed her CGC test today!

3/16/14 Serena finished her IABCA International Champion title under judges Steve Keating, David Krogh, Gloria Kerr

Serena Offspring: Bluebird | Ripley | Ruby

Olivia & Badger Project Canine

CTC Rae Lee Badger
(Ch Liam Neeson of CTC x CTC Sweet Savanna Sands)

1/30/16 Olivia and Badger have completed their Project Canine therapy dog certification.  They now will be visiting Greenlake library to participate in Bow Wow and Books program, which helps struggling young readers build confidence.

Ezelle USDAA Agility


1/31/16 Michelle and Ezelle finished this USDAA trial weekend with a couple new Q's!
9/28/15 Congratulations to Michelle Bundoc and Ezelle!  1st Agility Trial, 2 Q's!!!!
Update from Michelle:
"Our first nerve wracking trial experience is over and Ezelle "qualified" by running a perfect Performance Standard course today!  And she got another "Q" and 2nd for the Performance Jumpers course!"


CTC May Grace Be With You GS-O JS-O RS-O; CPE CL1-R and USDAA SS,SR,SG and SJ "Gracie"

Owned and Loved by Kristin MacKay

10/31/15 Grace had beautiful runs at the Mt Vernon ASCA agility trial on Halloween: 2 Open Jumper Q's and an Open Regular Q!  She is now CTC May Grace be With You GS-N JS-O RS-N!

5/28/15: I have this wonderful update from Kris with Gracie's accomplishments so far:
Grace has completed her level1 title for Standard CPE Dec 2014 CL1-R. Our last trial CPE, Grace had a great day as well, came home with 5 Q,s. Need 2 more legs to move on to Standard Agility 3. There is so much to learn. But I Love it!

ASCA March:
Grace completed her Regular Standard Novice 15-32. She had a great 3 day trial and came home with 1st’s 2nds and thirds with 6 Q’s. So proud of her.

USDAA, we have competed in 2 , love the courses no placements or Q,s can’t wait for one. ( WE did complete a gamble )
Grace at Port Gamble
Gracie at Port Gamble 2015 Gracie at Port Gamble 2015
Photo Credit Heidi Erland Photography
Gracie at Port Gamble 2015

CTC Jackson NAJ

10/24/15 CTC Jackson scored his first Qualifying run today at the Evergreen Afghan Hound Agility Trial with his lovely owner, Geri Redding Drew!  Congratulations, Geri and Jackson!
Agility - Awards Processed Through 05-NOV-2015
Number Qualifying Scores 2; Number Different Judges 2

CTC Jessie CGC - "Jessie"

7/27/15 Update from Carole:  We're enjoying Jessie immensely!  She has completed her CGC, done Rally, and we've got a good start on agility.  She loves being my farm dog, riding and walking companion, and is a great veterinary clinic greeter!

Magic Magic

CTC A Little Bit of Magic CD RA NA NAJ - "Magic"

6/7/15: Magic earned a Rally Excellent Q and an Open Obedience Q at the Puyallup Cluster.  Good Boy!

Agility photos credit Heidi Erland, Alpensky Photography - Thanks, Heidi!

Magic Magic 3/24/15: Penninsula Dog Fanciers Rally O and Open A winner!
3/10/13: Seattle AKC - Magic earned 1st Place in Advanced Rally Obedience!
Update 7/3/12:  Shireen is doing a great job with Magic.  He currently has agility Q's in AKC, 1 toward his NA, 2 toward his NAJ, and two Q's in AKC toward his CD.  In AKC Rally he has his RN and 1 Q toward RA.  He also Q'd in ASCA Rally at Graham Summer Spectacular this past weekend.

Magic Magic



5/19/15: Congratuations to Kim Fisher and Ziggy - Master Jumper Dog of Canada (MJDC) title! 3/16/15: Kim and Ziggy were steeplechase superstars at the K9 Cliffhangers trial this past weekend with 3 steeplechase Q's earning their MSCDC title!
4/28/14: Ziggy's accomplishments over the last 2 weeks, ADC and AGDC titles and lots of Qs!

Ziggy doing agility Ziggy doing agility 11/17/13 Ziggy Q'd in Advanced Snooker and Advanced Jumper at Leaps N'Bounds this weekend.
5/16/13 Ziggy finished her last required Advanced Jumper Q and now ready for Masters! Congratulations, Kim!
See her Advanced Jumbers run
12/8/12 Update from Kim for Ziggy - At our last trial we finally got our SGDC (Starters Games Dog of Canada) title!   At her last trial she got a Q in Starters Jumper and Starter Snooker which gave us the SGDC title.  We have a number of trials in the new year and if she continues running and training as well as she has been lately we should do really well.
Update from Kim for Ziggy - Q in Steeplechase run! Good job, Kim and Ziggy!
Update 6/11/09:
Ziggy is now competing in agility and doing very well.
She and Kim had a trial this weekend and she won the Jumpers and ran 3rd in the gamblers!
Thanks, Kim!  Great pictures and great news!

Rusty at Agility CTC Rustic Copper Bullet CDX RA OA AXJ - "Rusty"

4/21/02 - 11/8/15

3/10/13: Seattle AKC - Rusty tied for 2nd Place in Advanced Rally Obedience!
7/1/12: Rusty and Magic (CTC A Little Bit of Magic RN) Q'd in ASCA obedience rally at Graham today!

5/29/12: Rusty now has two agility titles and is working on his AXJ with one Q logged so far!
He also has one Q toward his UD and two Q's toward his RN.  In NADAC titles he has NAC NJC OAC!

9/9/07: Rusty got a 1st place in the novice standard agility trial at Bremerton!

Rusty at Agility
10/29/06 CTC Rustic Copper Bullet CD CDX took Highest Scoring Dog in obedience at the Howl-oween show at Shelton!  Thanks to Dean and Shireen for giving Rusty a great home and giving him the opportunity to compete in agility and obedience.

Update 12/3/06: Rusty now has his ASCA CDX!

CTC Dashiell Hamett’s Thin Man CGC THDD - "Dash"

Dash has achieved Therapy Dog Distinguished (THDD), the highest level of therapy dog title currently available through the AKC.  It signifies that a minimum of 400 visits have been completed.  Dash and Donna have made a bit over 400 visits total and have over 600 hours in visit time.  Just over 300 of the visits were done specifically at The Ronald McDonald House and they have done some other visits and events as well.  He also was given a CGC based on his therapy dog work.

Update from Donna, March 2013:
Dash just got his certification to work off-leash at therapy dog visits.  He is only the 5th dog in the organization that has ever been able to pass the exam.  It was tough, but he was a champion!  So proud of him!

Update from Donna, March 2011:
Dash age 5, March 2011Recently, we have been volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House in Seattle as a therapy dog team.  The children absolutely LOVE Dash as do the staff and parents.  He brings so much happiness and joy and smiles!  As I arrived for my last visit I literally had children waiting at the door to see him.  After I was there for a bit I found out that “one of our kids” is in the hospital due to a systemic infection, (her body is run down from chemo).  Her mom stopped by and took a picture of Dash and immediately text messaged it to her daughter in the hospital.  It makes me so happy to know that this mother felt like even a picture of Dash would cheer her child.

I have been told many times, (and several times just recently), that Dash is “the perfect Aussie,” and I still have the experience on a regular basis of people yelling at me from across the street or out their car windows how beautiful he is when I walk him in my Green Lake neighborhood.

Dash age 2Update from Donna, 7/5/08:
I just wanted to let you know that today
Dash and I passed the Delta Society examination and he is now a certified therapy dog!  We passed at Level 2, their highest rating, so we can visit "complex environments." (This means he is considered "bullet proof safe" and can go anywhere - to see children, go in psychiatric wards, etc.)  I'm so proud of him!  The average age of a dog that passes the exam is 4, so the fact that he could pass at the complex level at only age 2 is really amazing.  A testament to his breeding and good mind!

And to what a great job you've done with him, Donna!  Thanks for doing us proud and giving Dash such a great and fulfilling life!

CTC Wow Little Miss Seneca, CGC



Update 1/19/13 news from Katherine:  We had our Canine Good Citizen test today and we passed!
So it's now CTC Wow Little Miss Seneca, CGC.   Tomorrow we are going to the Portland dog show to take part in "my dog can do that" agility course.

Seneca Update 12/14/12:  Seneca has completed her 2nd agility class, she did the course in 23 seconds with a score of 9 on each piece of equipment.  She will restart agility Jan 2nd.  Also Jan 15th she will try to pass the Good Citizen Class.
Seneca Seneca

CTC Kobe What You Wanna Ketch CGC CD
3/1/06 - 5/31/17

Show DateDescription CategoryScorePlace Pt.Sched. HandlerJudge

CTC Madrona Lace - "Wow"

CTC Madrona Lace - Reserve Winners Bitch

11/10/07 Pre Holiday Shows Reserve Winners Bitch!
ASCA Provisional Breeder Judge Margi Floyd

2/3/07 - Reserve Winners Bitch!  Wow!!
There were 20 bitches entered.
Breeder Judge Mary Hellmeister

10/29/06 Shelton Howl-oween Show
Best of Opposite Sex Puppy
Judge Liz Gibson

Wow Offspring: Daisy | Gracie | Seneca | Wicca |
Wow Siblings: Badger | Jetson | Rusty

Jetson! - click picture to see larger photo
4/16/01 - 3/25/14
Jetson's titles:

Thanks, Karin, for giving Jetson such a great home and a wonderful opportunity to do what he loves!
Photo courtesy of Creative Indulgence

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