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CTC Highland Mystic of Glen Ey AX, AXJ, RS-E, JS-E, GS-O, NAC, OJC, WV-E, TN-N, ASCA CD BN RM DNA-VP - "Mystic"

Owned and Loved by Diana Hefti - Glen Ey Aussies

Dam:  CTC Amy What You Wanna Do DNA VP
Sire:  HOF MACH ATCH NATCH CH Show Me Howe to Highland Fling, AKC/ASCA REM, MXP, MJP2, MXB, MJS, JV-E-SP, S-EJC, O-TN-E, WV-E, TG-E, HP-N, HIC, NADAC Elite Versatility Award, DNA-CP
Black Tri Male
DOB:   November 20, 2008
Eyes CERF Normal
OFA Hips & Elbows:  Good
MDR1 Normal/Normal
CLEAR of the hereditary cataract mutation
11/13/16 Mystic qualified in both his Masters and Excellent runs again today for REM Leg #2!
11/12/16 Mystic had qualifying scores in Rally, both Masters and Excellent, this morning.  He now has his first REM leg! Mystic - September 2016 Mystic - September 2016 9/16/16 Mystic did a nice job at ASCA Nationals this year. He participated in MVA, competing in Agility, herding Sheep, Rally, and Novice Obedience. He Qualified in both Rally and Obedience, earning a new CD title. He and Diana completed his CD in three straight shows.

Mystic - June 2013 Mystic -  June 2013 Mystic -  June 2013 5/1/16 Mystic qualified in his Masters Standard AKC Agility run today!
9/20/15 Mystic got RE Leg #2, with a first place at the Kalama ASCA show on Saturday and qualified in both shows Sunday in Beginning Novice, so now has his BN title!!
7/4/15 At the Australian Shepherd Club of Washington Summer Spectacular show today Mystic got to play in obedience.  Competing in Beginning Novice for the first time at the AM show he scored 190+ for second place.  He even won a run off!  At the PM show, he had a score of 193 and first place!  Now he just needs one more leg for his BN title!
Update from Diana 3/7/15: Mystic had the most amazing day today at the Cascade ASC Rally trial! He had a 194 in Advanced this morning to finish his RA title with a first place. I decided to move him up to Excellent for this afternoon. And he Qd for his first RE leg with a 193 and another first place! He really did a wonderful job today, and I'm so very proud of him.
5/19/13 - Mystic Q'd in Elite Regular at the BLAST ASCA Agility Trial!
3/17/13 - Mystic Q'd at the RAT ASCA trial, got his GS-O Title!
3/3/13 - Mystic Q'd in both Cascade ASCA Rally Trials today!
12/9/12 - Mystic Q'd in Standard today!
11/9/12 - End of the week ASCA Nationals tally for Mystic: 2 Rally Q's, Rally Novice Title, and two nice regular Qs for agility.
11/8/12 - More ASCA Nationals news!  Back to agility, Mystic had a lovely run for round 1, placing 12th out of 50 dogs!
11/5/12 - ASCA Nationals news!  Round 1 - Mystic 179 in rally.
Round 2 - Mystic got a 189 for leg #3 and his ASCA Rally Novice title.
11/3/12 - Mystic Elite Regular Q at ASCA Nationals Pre-show today!
10/7/12 - Mystic scored another Q in Elite Reg. 2 - with Gerhard handling.
10/6/12 - Mystic scored a Q in Elite Reg. 2 - with Gerhard handling.
Mystic - Master's Jumpers April 20136/10/12 - Mystic got an Open Tunnelers and an Elite Jumpers Q at the ZAP trial!
5/18/12 - 5/20/12 - Mystic had a wonderful weekend at the BLAST ASCA trial.  He got his first Open Gambler's Q on Friday.  On Saturday, he had an amazing Elite Jumpers run with a first place!  He ran over 6 yps with "Uncle" Gerhard handling him (they sure are speedy together!!)  Then, Mystic had a 5 pt Q in Elite Regular to finish his RS-E title!  Such a good boy!  Gerhard kindly offered to run Mystic again on Sunday, and they earned another 2 qualifying scores in Elite Regular!  Our hard work is paying off!  Thanks so much to Gerhard for being so willing to run him!

4/28/12 - Mystic had a wonderful run, and qualified in his Ex. A Standard run for Leg #3, and a new AX title!  Now he is in Ex. B for both Std. and JWW!
4/1/12 - Mystic has another Q in Novice Tunnelers, to finish his Novice Tunnelers Title!
ASCA Agility three day trial news:
3/18/12 - Mystic had 2 jumpers Qs!
3/17/12 - Mystic Qd in both of his standard runs!  He now needs only a 1/2 Q to finish his Elite Regular title!
3/16/12 - Mystic had a wonderful Elite Regular Q!  This was Mystic's first time in Elite Reg.
11/26/11 - Diana reports:  We had a good day at the NADAC agility trial yesterday!  Mystic finished 2 titles!  He had 2 Qs in Open Jumpers to finish his OJC title, and had a lovely Elite Weavers run to get his last Q he needed for his WV-E (Elite Weavers title).  His titles are now: OA, AXJ, RS-N, JS-E, GS-N, NAC, OJC, WV-E, DNA-VP
10/9/11 - Diana reports Mystic had another good day in agility!  Thank-you to Gearhard (Spelling?) from Canada for running him in both of his Open Regular runs today!  They were awesome!  Mystic had such a great time really opening up and running hard.  They even got a Q in their first round!
10/8/11 - Mytsic earned a 1/2 Q in his two regular runs with Melinda and Paulette, and Lynn and Mystic got the last leg he needed in Jumpers for his JS-E title!
Mystic at the starting line 20119/24/11 - Dachshund Club Agility Trial in Monroe
Mystic finished his AXJ - with Melinda Hyam's help!  In standard with Mystic, Diana pulled something in her leg and couldn't run him in Jumpers.  Melinda stepped in and got the last Q he needed!  Thanks so much, Melinda!
6/30/11 - Diana reports on agility:  Mystic had two fabulous NADAC runs last evening - earning him his 3rd leg, and his Open Weavers (WV-O) title, plus an extra Q.  He was 1st place for both his runs!  I was really happy with his runs - he was on fire, and really sent out to all the obstacles.  Yipee! :-)
Mystic Weaves5/21/11 - Diana reports a great day at agility:
We started the morning with Excellent, and it was a bit scary doing Jumpers, as the grass was wet and slippery.  Mystic did such a great job!  He did a total wipeout TWICE on turns, and slipped a couple more - BUT he kept all the bars up and didn't have any refusals, for Q #1.  The grass was dryer for Standard, so no slipping there.  He nailed every contact perfectly (thanks for the great class Tues. Sally, and the great opportunity to actually correct the little darling in class!!!)  We did lots of rear crosses, and Mystic read them well (thanks Andrea for the light-bulb inducing class on Thurs!!).  Q #2!  Mystic was the only 20" Ex. A dog to Q - for EITHER class!  Such a good boy!!

4/3/11 - Diana and Mystic had fun at the ZAP NADAC trial yesterday.  Mystic had a fabulous Open Weavers run - and came in first place, for leg #2 (he needs 1 more for his Open Weavers title)!  
See Mystic's Open Weavers run
Mystic Through the Tire3/20/11 - Mystic had two super Novice Gamblers runs this weekend, so now has his GS-N title! 2/14/11 - Diana and Mystic had a great time at the RAT trial in Elma this past weekend!  Mystic had some wonderful runs - including his first Open Reg. and Open Weavers Qs.  He also Qd in both of his Novice Jumpers runs to finish his Novice Jumpers (NJC) title!
12/12/10 - Another good day at the trial!!  Mystic got leg #3 in Open Standard to finish his OA title!  Yipee!  On to Excellent! :-)
11/28/10 - Mystic had several fabulous runs - including 2 Novice Weavers Qs (and both 1st places!) to finish his WV-N title! He also had nice runs and Qs in Jumpers and Tunnelers.
11/13/10 - Mystic had a very nice Open Standard run today, for Leg #2 and 2nd place!  Just one more, and he can move up to Excellent Std! :-)
Mystic Tire Jump11/6/10 - Great news! Mystic had a fabulous jumpers run today, and earned Leg #3, for his OAJ title! He has been moved up to Ex. jumpers for tomorrow!
10/31/10 - Mystic and Diana had a fabulous day!  He got Leg #2 in Open JWW, and Leg #1 in Open Std!  With 1st place in each!  Such a good pup!
10/18/10 - Diana and Mystic had a great time at the Wenatchee Trial this past weekend!  Mystic got both Qs he needed in Novice Standard to finish his NA title!
9/26/10 - Mystic qualified in 8 runs this weekend, finishing his JS-N, his RS-N and his JS-O titles!  An excellent weekend for Diana and Mystic!
9/3/10 - Mystic Leg #1 Novice Standard, EGRC - 1st Place!
6/27/10 - [Diana reports] Merlin (Mystic's dad) completed his NATCH (NADAC Agility Trial Champion title) with a lovely Chances runs this morning.  It was sure a great way to celebrate his birthday!! :-) And not to be outdone, Mystic Qd in all 3 of his runs today to finish his Novice Agility Certificate (NAC), and get his first Novice Weavers leg.
4/17/10 - Mystic had a really nice run today at the Manchester Trial in Open JWW, for his first Open Q!
See Video

(Agility Photos by NinasPhotography.com)
Mystic Tunnel Mystic Tunnel
Mystic Wait Box Mystic Teeter Contact
CTC Highland Mystic of Glen Ey, NAJ CTC Highland Mystic of Glen Ey, NAJ
3/7/2010 Mystic, at just 15 months old, Qd in both of his jumpers runs to finish his Novice Agility Jumper (NAJ) title!
Mystic 3/7/10 - Novice Agility Jumper (NAJ)
See Mystic's First Agility Trial - February, 2010
Mystic - Best of Breed Puppy Mystic - Best of Breed Puppy am show, Best Opposite Sex Puppy pm show
3/22/09 - Way to go, Diana and Mystic!  Two nice wins in one day -
Best of Breed Puppy in the morning show and
Best Opposite Sex Puppy in the afternoon show!
Pup 7 - Mystic Pup 7 - Mystic
3/7/09 - the latest on Mystic . . .
Mystic is doing fabulous.  A week ago he went for his visit at Michelle's, and he weighed 21.1 pounds!  Such a solid little guy!  I'm sure he weighs MORE now.  He went with to the AKC agility trial last weekend at Argus, and had such a great time.  He visited so many people, and dogs.  Including two huge Irish Wolfhounds (at the same time - he just danced right up to say hello), a St. Bernard, a very tiny 10 week old Papillion, and a bunch of dogs in between.  He was happy to meet all of them, and all the people.  I'm so proud of him, and thrilled with him.  He's such a love, and so smart and good.  We're going to the ASCA agility trial tomorrow, and I expect he'll have a great time there, too.  He's so much fun.  Can you tell I really like him?  LOL!  Merlin and Amy did good for me.  OH, and he's lost his front teeth!  The new teeth are coming in on the top, and he's bare on the bottom at the moment.  He's been chewing on lots of sticks when he goes out to potty, so his current nickname is Beaver. :-)

Mystic is having a good time with Diana
Pup 7 - Mystic Pup 7 - Mystic
Below:  Mystic at 10 weeks playing with Magic and napping with his daddy, Merlin
Mystic and Magic Mystic and Magic Mystic and Merlin
14 weeks, playing with dad, Merlin
Mystic and Merlin Mystic resting after play with Merlin
16 weeks with his dad, Merlin, and his pal, Magic,
Mystic, Magic, and Merlin

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Pedigree for Mystic

MACH NATCH CH Show Me Howe to Highland Fling, RA, OAP, OJP, RS-E, JS-E-OP, GS-E, S-EJC, O-TN-E, WV-E, TG-E, HP-N, HIC, NADAC Elite Versatility Award, DNA-CP
OFA Hips Good, Elbows Normal
CERF AS 5837
CLEAR of the hereditary cataract mutation

ASCA/AKC Ch Beauwood Sierra-Echo Yogiber, AX, AXJ, STDscd, RJ-E, JJ-E, GS-O, EAC-JH, EJC-JH, OGC, JHDs, CGC, DNA-CP

SVCH WTCH Ch Beauwood's Rustlin' in the Sun, UDT, RD, RV-N, DNA CP

Ch Windermere's Ch Sunspot of Windermere

Ch Pepper's Special K

Sierra-Echo Firedancer, NA, NAJ, HIC

Ch Sierra-Echo's Firewalker, TDIA, HIC, CGC

Spring Fever's Cocksure Ideal

Hearthside Too Hot To Dance

Ch Terra-Blue Just Too Hot

Ch Agua Dulce Final Option

Hearthside Just My Style

Agua Dulce Windsurfin' Sally

Ch Levi Dockers of Heatherhill

Ch Agua Dulce Sidecar Sally

CTC Amy What You Wanna Do DNA VP
OFA Good

CH Liam Neeson of CTC DNA VP
OFA Good
Pelger-Huet Negative
MDR1 Normal/Normal
CLEAR of the hereditary cataract mutation

CH Lil'Creek Sum Got Et All
E70117 OFA Good

AKC CH Shercrest Sir James
OFA Good

AKC ASCA CH Lil'Creeks Picture Perfect
OFA Good

ASCA HOF CH Bainbridge Angel Fire

AKC ASCA HOF CH Caledonia's Crowd Pleaser
OFA Good

CH Megan McMatt of Bainbridge STDdsc
OFA Good

CTC Sweet Savanna Sands DNA CP
OFA Good
MDR1 Normal/Normal
CLEAR of the hereditary cataract mutation

AKC ASCA CH De Abajo Double Latte' Donegal
OFA Good

CH Golden Gait's Southern Drawl
OFA Good

De Abajo's A Single Red Rose
OFA Good

Topgun Susanna Sands
OFA Good

CH Topgun HunkAHunk Burnen Love
OFA Excellent

Hisaw's Kissing at Midnight CD
OFA Good

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