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IntCH Camas Creek Jake Frost CGC DNA VP
"Jake" - Retired

Jake IntCH 3/14/15Sire:  ASCA CH AKC GCH Supreme's Kracker Jax NA OAJ JS-0 DNA CP
Dam:  CTC Isle Be Makiní Magic, NA, NAJ, OAC, NJC, TN-E, TG-N, WV-N, RS-O, JS-O-OP, GS-O, DNA-VP ASCA Agility Merit list (Top 10) 2012

21", 42 lbs
DOB 10/1/13
Eyes Cleared Yearly
OFA Hips Good, Elbows Normal
MDR1 Normal/Normal
CLEAR of the hereditary cataract mutation
PHA Normal

  Jake - IABCA International Champion (3/15/15 - 17 mos)
V-1 Ratings from Judges: Dana Plonkey, Kristina Sherling, Juliann Bitter and Dr. Vandra L. Huber
Jake 7/19/16 CGC 7/19/16 Jake passed his AKC Canine Good Citizen test Jake 7/19/16 CGC

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